I work with individuals 18 and older who are interested in personal growth and want to improve their relationships. I integrate counseling approaches from psychodynamic, family systems, and self psychology perspectives. I also use cast of character work, imagery, and cognitive-behavioral techniques when working with clients, depending on individual needs and preferences. I welcome and enjoy working with both men and women equally. My areas of specialization include anxiety disorders, childhood issues including abuse and neglect, grief and loss, family of origin dynamics, and trauma. I hold a holistic and feminist perspective and emphasize self-care with my clients.

My interpersonal approach involves these philosophies:

  • Our past experiences become part of who we are and how we cope with life’s challenges. The many experiences and interactions we have when we’re young become parts of ourselves. Sometimes these parts are heavy or burdensome; sometimes they are strengthening and supportive. Knowing ourselves deeply is a vital step for improving our lives.
  • With the understanding of how our past experiences have helped create our present thoughts, feelings, behavior, and world view we become empowered to make the changes in our lives that we desire.
  • As we begin to see improvement in our lives, we are further strengthened with the power of hope for a future that feels more authentic, more like the life that we envision for ourselves.
  • My goal is to co-create an environment and working relationship with you where you feel safe and supported to grow and take the risks that change always seems to ask of us. I value and respect every person in their personal context, which includes cultural, religious, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, and gender diversities.
  • The interplay between our biology and our relationships is the origin of many issues that bring people to counseling. This is also the point where healing can take place, as we explore our earliest relationships and understand how those affect our relationships today. Power and courage to change comes from knowledge, awareness, and support in a safe environment.