Please contact your insurance company before our first appointment to gather information about your coverage under your specific plan.

Please bring your insurance card to our first session.

Accepted Insurance:
University of Illinois student insurance
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois PPO (Except where Value Options is the Behavioral Health administrator/carrier)
Other insurance companies will often reimburse you for my services on an out-of-network basis

Contact Your Insurance:
If you are unfamiliar with your mental health benefits, here is a checklist of what to ask when you call:

  • What are my outpatient mental health treatment benefits (some insurance companies refer to this as behavioral health or outpatient psychiatric treatment)?
  • I am interested in working with a particular therapist who charges $120 per session. How much of that would be covered?
  • Do I need to pay a deductible before my insurance kicks in?  If so, how much? Do I need a pre-authorization number to get started?
  • Is there an annual session limit?
  • Does my therapist need to submit a treatment plan in order for me to obtain authorization for further sessions?

Given the amount of time it takes to wrangle with insurance companies, I ask that you work with your provider to determine coverage and to resolve problems with payment that sometimes arise.  I am happy to do the wrangling for you but will charge my usual fee in 15 minute increments for the time I spend working to collect your benefits (i.e., $25/15 minutes).  Unfortunately, insurance does not cover this fee.